Batch Soil Sterilizer box for batch treatment of soil.
Can be made in different sizes to customer specifications, but standard is 200 liter, and 3,5 Kw 230/400V
One treatment typically takes 1-2 hours.

The box has the following functions:

  • Max limit safety thermostat
  • Operation max temp thermostat
  • Holding time timer
  • Mechanical analogue thermometer
  • Standard industrial grade high quality components
  • Can be used for water heating
  • 50mm all around isolation
  • User manual with tips of efficient use
  • Handlebars for easy movement of the box
  • High legs for easy jack trolly or forklift movement of the box
  • 6 months worldwide warranty

We sell these boxes to a quite low price compared with the high quality.
The lead time is also quite short.
Contact us for an updated price and lead time.