Our first prototype is SoilSterilizer 1216

SoilSterilizer 1216 was already on the field in June 2020. It is a continuous operating machine (no batch treatment). The SoilSterilizer 1216 do not have a depth limitation, but in practical, 40cm is maximum depth on this model.

The two burners on this machine produce 3700Kw.

The volume of soil treated per hour depends on a few conditions; like temperature of soil before and after treatment, humidity of soil, and type of soil. However, as an average example: When the soil is 15 ℃ before the treatment and you want it to be 85 ℃ after the treatment, you can expect more than 200m3 soil treated per hour.

The burner accept heavy oil, diesel oil and biofuel.

At the moment we work on the construction of a special compact biomass burner wich has a capacity of 3,5-6,5MW. This burner will be able to run on hale pellets, wood chips and other pelletized biomass.