Kåre-Jan Johansen and three other people founded Soilsteam International AS (SSI) in 2016 (Soilsteam.com). Johansen had initially 40 % of the shares, but immediately gave half of the shares to highly competent people with different knowledge needed to make success in a short amount of time.

Johansen acted as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in SSI until end of 2018.

SSI bought all research and development, as well as office facilities and production of their machines from Technomek AS in the time of 2016-2018. In this period we made 17 smaller and bigger prototypes, where the largest one was a 23 tonne Soilprep 400 wich had a 1,37 Megawatt steam generator. This machine was constructed and built in only 4 months from first screw was set to the operation started on the field (20 January-20 May 2017).

This machine was named Soilprep 400 and was tested on soil in both Norway and Germany. Johansen saw that there was a lot of operational limitations and costly solutions with this technology, and invented therefore some other solutions to solve the farmer’s global need of healthy soil with less material and operational expenses.

The other share holders was not able or interested in a quick turn-around or to spend money on another solution, because the Soilprep 400 worked fair enough. The solution became that Johansen sold his shares in SSI and continued to develop soil-sterilizing technology, produced and financed by Technomek AS.

Technomek is a company that produces different products. When we verified that this new way of sterilization-technology worked great, it was the correct time to start a new company with its own future and the name we selected was SoilZero. Zero fungus, nematode’s and weed seeds in the soil. The level of this in the soil is in fact zeroed after the treatment.